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Author terry.reedy
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Date 2013-08-31.01:33:30
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These are due to \r in line endings, as with #12037.
  File "F:\Python\dev\py34\lib\test\", line 634, in test_expat_file
    self.assertEqual(result.getvalue(), xml_test_out)

Assert fails because off many \rs in xml_text_out. Same in

line 649, in test_expat_file_nonascii
line 778, in test_expat_inpsource_filename
line 788, in test_expat_inpsource_sysid
line 803, in test_expat_inpsource_sysid_nonascii
line 816, in test_expat_inpsource_stream

A fix that works is essentially the same as for #12037:
  xml_test_out = xml_test_out.replace(b'r', b'')
just after xml_test_out is read from the file.
(.translate(None, b'\r') also works, seems slightly slower)

Another would be to not put \r in the file in the first place;-).

Any objection to this?
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