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Date 2013-08-30.04:25:53
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I have a gentoo host, but I'd like to know how did the OP get a debug Python in the first place?  The ebuild for python 2.7.5-r1 doesn't say anything about debug options.  "How" would preferably include information about the C compiler used, etc.  If there's no information, I can probably just hack --with-pydebug into a local ebuild, but I have something like 7 C compilers installed, I'd really like a good guess at the right one.  Also, did he add any optimization flags etc when building the debug Python?

(ebuild = the emerge configuration file that describes the build and install process for a package.  In "2.7.5-r1" the "r1" indicates the first revised ebuild for the same upstream version.)
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