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Date 2013-08-27.13:51:49
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I'm sorry if I sound offensive, but most of what I read as counter
> arguments in this ticket so far was either incomplete or (sometimes) even
> plain wrong. Some seemed pretty close to FUD, but maybe that's just me (and
> I'm guilty here too, I guess - sorry for that). Now, how could this
> discussion possibly give the me impression that everyone has the same level
> of understanding? Even your comment about "weird" targets, right above,
> after going through all of this discussion, makes me wonder if you really
> know how all of this works.
> Please take a closer look at the original code before Antoine changed it.
> Play with the parser targets a bit. That will help you understand this
> issue better.

Ah, awesome. Well, you can't say I didn't warn you, can you?

I am done discussing this issue with you, Stefan.
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