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Date 2013-08-24.20:45:12
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> > Didn't you forget to upload it?
> I wanted to have answer to my questions first :-):

Ah, indeed, sorry!

> 1) In the documentation, I don't know how to best refer to files
> object registered: is "file descriptor" OK, or is it too low-level?
> Otherwise I'd be tempted to use just "file", but then this doesn't
> include sockets, pipes, etc. Or maybe "file object"/"file-like
> object"?

"file object" and "file-like object" are the convention used in the

That said, if the APIs also accept file descriptors, it must be

> i.e. have to unpack it for no reason.

That doesn't seem much of a concern, does it?
Perhaps there can be two separate methods, select() and
select_with_data(), but that sounds a bit overkill.

> 3) Concerning get_info(): right now the signature is:
> get_info(): fileobj -> (events, data)
> Wouldn't it be better to just return the whole key instead [...]

No opinion :-)
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