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Date 2013-08-23.21:59:34
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> The problem is that you are duplicating an existing class (the
> XMLParser) for no good reason

No. The logic was already in _IterParseIterator, just wrapped up

And the proof is that the original commit, while adding a feature,
*removed* code from xml.etree:

$ hg di -c f903cf864191 --stat Lib/xml/etree/
 Lib/xml/etree/ |  209
 1 files changed, 97 insertions(+), 112 deletions(-)

> This goes completely against the design of the existing API and
> counters the reusability of the existing code.

No it doesn't. It irritates you, for some reason, but your feelings are
not a valid reason to revert a useful feature. And this issue is not for
you to repeat the same stubborn line of argument again and again. I'm
extremely bored, and I won't care about your comments anymore.
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