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Date 2013-08-21.12:45:13
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> Which part of the function is not async-signal safe? It doesn't interact
> with any file descriptors nor does it use any syscalls except for
> getpid() and time().

gettimeofday() and RAND_add()

The functions which are guaranteed to be async-signal safe are listed here:

And here's what David Butenhof says about pthread_atfork():
The real answer is that pthread_atfork() is a completely useless and stupid
mechanism that was a well intentioned but ultimately pointless attempt to
carve a "back door" solution out of an inherently insoluable design

More here:!msg/comp.programming.threads/ThHE32-vRsg/3j-YICgSQzoJ

IMO it's really an openssl issue, and it should be fixed there (mainly
because they are the only one in position of setuping a safe
atfork-hook, like the glibc does for malloc & co).
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