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Date 2013-08-21.07:09:50
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> I've lost track -- who is waiting for whom?  I reviewed the patch selector-12.diff and received zero response AFAICT.  (Maybe the email from Rietveld didn't make it?)

I was on vacation, and then had to cope with many emails :-)
I'll update the patch with your comments soon.

> Maybe the main issue is that I would prefer if the selector classes were in a separate module ( than the low-level select/poll/etc. calls.  I think it makes sense if the selectors module *only* defines the high level classes and not the messy low-level stuff, since an app shouldn't be using both at the same time.

I agree with Antoine (i.e. I think select is OK), but if it really
bothers you, I can change it.
I just don't want to do it twice :-)
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