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>>> import ssl
>>> ssl.RAND_egd.__doc__
"RAND_egd(path) -> bytes\n\nQueries the entropy gather daemon (EGD) on the socket named by 'path'.\nReturns number of bytes read.  Raises SSLError if connection to EGD\nfails or if it does provide enough data to seed PRNG."

Compare it to documentation about RAND_egd() function from openssl website (

RAND_egd() and RAND_egd_bytes() return the number of bytes read from the daemon on success, and -1 if the connection failed or the daemon did not return enough data to fully seed the PRNG. 

Attached the patch to fix the documentation. I am not sure whether we should put the word "fully" or not.

On the side note:
In line 813 in Modules/_ssl.c (the same file where my patch fixed the documentation about RAND_egd function):

gntype = name-> type;

The space between "->" and "type" irritates my eyes. Maybe we can fix this while we fix the documentation? Anyway, this is not really important. I just want to expose it to public and think this does not deserve a dedicated ticket.
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