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Date 2013-08-14.13:11:51
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> Can you clarify which duplication you mean specifically? In the code
> review
> tool, Serhiy proposed that instead of listing all the constants
> explicitly
> in the Python code, we can just do:
> AddressFamily = IntEnum('AddressFamily',
>            {name: value for name, value in _moduledict.items()
>             if name.startswith('AF_')})

Yes, that's better.

> > Also, if I create a socket from a numeric value (because a
> > well-known
> > socket family is known yet known by Python), then
> > will fail.
> >
> Well, the documentation of socket.socket says it should be one of the
> AF_*
> constants. One thing we can do is check in the socket.socket
> constructor
> whether it's a known AF_* constants and fail early with a meaningful
> error
> message. Would that be better?

Well, no. We should still allow creating sockets with unknown numeric
values. The .family attribute should then return the raw integer.
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