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Support for Berkeley DB up to 5.3 was introduced in Python 2.7.4 (see issue #17477) however I'm having problems with the detection code in

I'm working on RHEL4, I've got Berkeley DB 4.7.25 installed in /opt/db-4.7.25

When I try and "make" Python, it can't build _bsddb because no suitable version of db.h was found. 

The function gen_db_minor_ver_nums(major) looks as though it's supposed to spit out all the minor versions for a given major, however it doesn't appear to work properly for 4.x - surely 4.3, 4.4, 4.5 ... all the way to 4.9 (or whatever) should be generated. 

It only generates minor version "3" though. The end result is that 4.3 is the only working version in the 4.x series.
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