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Date 2013-08-11.11:11:49
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I have in fact used to produce all of my PEP 384 patches, however it failed to work correctly in like 50% of all cases, and I had to complete the rest of the patch by hand.I thought about correcting the throughout the GSOC, but I happened to find it easier to simply do the missing steps by hand. (I don't know If the script has been fixed up to this point though).
In any case, it might also be interesting for external extension module developers to make use of a fully working version of this script, so they can make their modules PEP 384 compliant without investing too much time.
One has to keep in mind however that almost any script will fail to work by itself, once we run into problems like refcounting or concurrency when applying the patch to a module.

I will have some free time throughout next week and will start to correct the patches for the xx modules (as Alex proposed), and continue from there to all the other patches I have submitted a year ago.

I am deeply sorry that I have not continued my work on this project earlier, however I dramatically underestimated the amount if work related to university, etc... I still feel obliged to complete all these patches.
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