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Date 2013-08-10.21:12:20
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On Sat, Aug 10, 2013 at 10:38 AM, Antoine Pitrou <>wrote:

> Antoine Pitrou added the comment:
> > Antoine, I committed your patch (with a bit of comments added),
> > *leaving the module caching in*.
> Thanks!
> > A longer term solution to all this will be
> > -
> > I want to eventually run all "monkey-patch the import environment to
> > simulate some situation" sub-tests of ET in different subprocesses to
> > they are kept independent.
> I find it useful that the test suite stresses module unloading or
> reloading. There's probably a bug either in ET or in the ET tests. I'm
> not saying it's a very important issue of course, but IMHO it would be
> better if we don't try to swipe it under the carpet :-)

I have no intention swiping things under the carpet. I'll get to the bottom
of this to understand the exact flow that causes this to happen.

But I still think ET tests should be logically separated into subprocesses.
If we want to stress test module unloading and reloading, let's have
specific, targeted tests for that.
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