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Date 2013-08-09.15:41:39
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> <rant>It's easy to say that as a core developer with commit rights who > can simply hide changes in a low frequented bug tracker without
> notifying those who have to know about these changes.</rant> It's pure > luck I noticed this change during the alpha release cycle.

What *are* you talking about? Who is trying to hide anything? Don't you see the history of the bug? Antoine opened it very... openly... and we discussed it. Also, committing to pre-alpha trunk is not a sailed ship - if there are problems, things can be easily fixed.

Please stop complaining and learn to use the tools properly. Here's one tip: - subscribe to it and use your mail client's filtering to see new bugs on topics that interest you. It isn't very hard.

Another tip: - subscribe to it and use your mail client's filtering to see new checkins on topics that interest you. It isn't hard either.

Tip #3: ask to be added to the experts list for ET. No one would object to that, and it would increase the likelihood that people add you to the nosy list directly for ET-related issues (particularly added features).

Now back to a productive discussion please...
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