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> This code in the beginning in PyInit__elementtree:
>     m = PyState_FindModule(&elementtreemodule);
>     if (m) {
>         Py_INCREF(m);
>         return m;
>     }
> Can you explain what use case it tries to cover? I couldn't find
> similar code in other modules we have that implement PEP 3121 (_csv,
> readline, io, etc.)

I don't know :-) I just re-used Robin's original patch.

> >> I don't see a call to PyState_AddModule. What am I missing?
> >It is called implicitly when an extension module is imported.
> Do you think this should be documented in the C API docs? The way
> they read now, it seems that calling PyState_AddModule is needed
> manually by extension writers.

Well, how to deal with module state should probably be better
documented. Not sure how, though.
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