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On 03/08/13 13:02, Alexander Belopolsky wrote:
> Alexander Belopolsky added the comment:
> Is there a reason why there is no "review" link?  Could it be because the file is uploaded as is rather than as a patch?

I cannot answer that question, sorry.

> In any case, I have a question about this code in sum:
>                  # Convert running total to a float. See comment below for
>                  # why we do it this way.
>                  total = type(total).__float__(total)
> The "comment below" says:
>              # Don't call float() directly, as that converts strings and we
>              # don't want that. Also, like all dunder methods, we should call
>              # __float__ on the class, not the instance.
>              x = type(x).__float__(x)
> but this reason does not apply to total that cannot be a string unless you add instances of a really weird class in which case all bets are off and the dunder method won't help much.

My reasoning was that total may be a string if the start parameter is a string, but of course I explicitly check the type of start. So I think you are right.
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