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Author sbt
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Date 2013-08-01.11:08:35
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> You might want to open a prompt and look at gc.get_referrers() for 
> encodings.mbcs.__dict__ (or another of those modules).

>>> gc.get_referrers(sys.modules['encodings.mbcs'].__dict__)
[<module 'encodings.mbcs' from 'C:\\Repos\\cpython-dirty\\lib\\encodings\\'>, <function decode at 0x01DEEF38>, <function getregentry at 0x01DFA038>, <function IncrementalEncoder.encode at 0x01DFA098>]

>>> gc.get_referrers(sys.modules['encodings.cp1252'].__dict__)
[<module 'encodings.cp1252' from 'C:\\Repos\\cpython-dirty\\lib\\encodings\\'>, <function getregentry at 0x02802578>, <function Codec.encode at 0x02802518>, <function Codec.decode at 0x028025D8>, <function IncrementalEncoder.encode at 0x02802638>, <function IncrementalDecoder.decode at 0x02802698>]

>>> gc.get_referrers(sys.modules['__main__'].__dict__)
[<function Blob.__init__ at 0x0057ABD8>, <function Blob.__del__ at 0x02AD36F8>,
<frame object at 0x027DFA80>, <function <listcomp> at 0x02AD3DB8>, <frame object at 0x02A38038>, <module '__main__' (<_frozen_importlib.SourceFileLoader object
at 0x0271EAB8>)>]
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