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Date 2013-07-24.16:35:14
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>So this represents a change in behavior of the socket library on Fedora 18 vs earlier versions?

I don't believe so. This happens on my Fedora 18 system, my Debian box with Python 2.6.6, on Fedora 19 (, another Debian system ( and python compiled from the default branch does the same thing.

The documentation for imaplib.IMAP4 says:
"If host is not specified, '' (the local host) is used."

My point is that imaplib.IMAP4 without any arguments should try to connect to localhost, however this is not what is currently happening, at least on the systems mentioned above. Why I think this is happening I've tried to explain in my previous comment.

>Do any of the impalib tests fail?
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