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Date 2013-07-23.04:24:35
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Yes, I did miss Victor's dup2() comment.  (It looks like I did not subscribe to this issue from the start and missed early discussion - sorry.)

The simple feature is not very useful for me.  I have to deal with too many cases of misguided code like this:

def write_xyz(output=sys.stdout):

for which 

with RedirectStdout(...):

will not work.

I will create a separate issue once I have a concrete proposal, but with respect to this specific issue, I think it is better to provide a recipe in contextlib documentation for something like this: 

def redirect_stdout(stream):
    old_stdout = sys.stdout
    sys.stdout = stream
    sys.stdout = old_stdout

With the proposed RedirectStdout, I think many users will want some tweaks and will copy the "from scratch" implementation instead of discovering contextmanager.
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