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I'm attaching one more patch "check_mno_cywin_py34.patch". This is my
preferred patch for Python 3.4 (default). It fixes building with MinGW
and removes all support for using Cygwin gcc with --compiler=mingw32.
The user would see the following error message:

Q:\current\testing\hello>testbuild q:\tools\cygwin\bin -3.3
running build_ext
error: Cygwin gcc cannot be used with --compiler=mingw32

I think that this is reasonable as '-mno-cygwin' is a previously
experimental and now long deprecated, discouraged and discontinued
feature of Cygwin's gcc. Removing support for it in future Pythons
would make problems involving MinGW build (like this one) much easier
to solve in future: there would be no need to consider anything other
than the behaviour of MinGW's gcc.
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