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On 24.06.2013 00:00, Jeffrey Armstrong wrote:
> Jeffrey Armstrong added the comment:
>> ...the fact that this issue has been open for almost 2 years is quite ridiculous.
> I thought that I'd add a little statistic for everyone that might put this bug into perspective.  Since this bug was opened, the MinGW installer has been downloaded about 32,000,000 (32 million) times per
> If we take a naive approach, that's 32 million compiler installations that can't build Python extensions without manually modifying distutils first.  
> That statistic doesn't include the multitude of people installing other builds of GCC for Windows (including MinGW-W64, a whole other unsupported version of GCC, but that's a different bug).

Could someone perhaps produce a single final patch file which can
be applied to Python 2.7 and 3.2+ ?

It is not clear at the moment which of all those patches on the ticket
should be applied.
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