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Issue15050, which was closed without resolution, reported a similar issue.  Also, Issue15963 documents some suggestions and proposed changes to make builds easier to configure on legacy platforms like Solaris SPARC.  Perhaps they may be of help.  Also, Python 3.2.2 is quite out-of-date.  The current and final bug fix release of 3.2 is 3.2.5.  The current maintenance release for Python 3 is 3.3.2.  Please retry with these.

(I note you selected "Cross-Build" as a component; for python-dev, that refers to building a Python on one platform that is targeted to run on a different type of platform.  I assume that this is not the case here, e.g. you are building on Solaris SPARC to run on Solaris SPARC, and so Cross-Build does not apply.)
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