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Date 2013-06-05.00:10:09
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I am still confused about the master/parent business and why required args are documented as optional. (Besides #18131, I also discovered that messageboxes usually, but not always, require parent=something passed, to be collected into **options. I need to read more before I can really review and think about applying this.

Why isn't _default_root initialized to something useful instead of None. If it were, _support_default_root would not be needed.

The new function is slightly different from the code it replaces. The main difference I see with Misc.setup is that your code does *not* stash Tk() in _default_root. Since every Tk() call creates a new screen window, I do not see how this is correct.

On the plus side, I believe your patch would fix part of the problem I reported in #18131.
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