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Author sbt
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Date 2013-05-28.20:06:19
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I can't say I know enough about batch files to understand much of the code, but a few notes:

Windows XP does not have the command "where" which you use -- Python 3.4 will still support XP.

Except perhaps for looping I would prefer to get rid of the use of goto.  The fact that some goto targets end in "exit /b ..." make it very confusing as to where "exit /b" will return control.

The initial pushd is matched by various popd's which are scattered over hundreds of lines (including one in :usage).  I think it would be better to keep matching pushd/popd reasonably close together.  For instance, I think you could do something like

    pushd "%~dp0"
    call :main ...
    exit /b

    exit /b

It would also be helpful if the end of the subroutines were marked with a comment like

    rem end :foo
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