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Date 2013-05-02.00:30:49
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recv() returning an empty string has always been an alias for "connection lost" though, that is why it cannot be used and I was proposing returning a new type in Python 3.4.

Point is we're paying a bad design decision: asyncore shouldn't have asked the user to call recv() directly in the first place and call a data_received(chunk) callback method instead.

Deciding what's best to do at this point without breaking existent code is not easy, that is why I think that on python <= 3.3 we should fix *asynchat* in order to take EAGAIN/EWOULDBLOCK into account and leave asyncore's recv() alone.
The issue would still exist but it would be mitigated by the fact that who wants to write a protocol is likely to use asynchat, not asyncore.

As for Python 3.4 we can:

- make asyncore's recv() return None and document it
- deprecate recv()
- introduce data_received(chunk)
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