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Date 2013-04-25.14:41:47
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I have committed the first patch which makes Request.full_url a descriptor. 
As I was looking at the changes to be introduced by second patch, I noticed that we do not have comprehensive test coverage for .full_url public attribute. All the tests are testing the methods like get_full_url.

The change for .full_url not to include fragments was introduced in 63817:bf3359b7ed2e which says that for reasons that HTTP request should not include fragments, it was done. That's correct. Now, I would fear to introduce that bug again with the second patch wherein we inadvertently send a URL with fragment in a HTTP request.  To ensure this will not be the case, I think, increase in test coverage, understanding and documenting the exact expectation will be necessary if we have to change  Request.full_url behavior. I will be spending a little more time on it. I thought I will write down the points which should be taken care.
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