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Author ronaldoussoren
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Date 2013-04-23.12:30:21
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The attached patch start wish and stops it by sending the 'exit' command. With the patch I can run the tk tests without getting a skip. I cannot easily test if the patch also does the right thing on buildbots, but have high hopes.   I did check that just starting 'wish' on a machine where I don't have console access causes a crash (OSX 10.5, nobody on the console, I logged on through SSH).

Open issues with my patch:

* The check uses whatever version wish is on the PATH, which may or may
  not be related to the version of Tk that python is linked to. 

  It might be better to explicitly use /usr/bin/wish, as that one is
  known to be native port of Tk (not X11) and is known to crash. 

* Not tested if the patch causes a Skip when running tests without 
  GUI access.
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