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Date 2013-04-21.11:23:56
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This seems like an attractive idea.  There's definitely a need for repeated unpacking with the same pattern, and I agree that putting the repetition into the pattern is suboptimal (not least from the point of view of caching structs).

One thing that feels a bit unorthogonal is that this is doing two things at once:  both allowing for repetition of a pattern, and also adding the lazy iteration.  I'd guess that there's also a use-case for allowing repetition but not returning an iterator;  but then that's easily covered by list(iter_unpack).

+1 from me.

Hmm;  the name.  'iterunpack'?  'iter_unpack'?  'unpack_stream'?  'unpack_all'?

Would we want something similar for packing, too?  I guess that's effectively covered by b''.join(s.pack(item) for item in ...).
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