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It doesn't fix it unless I change the configuration (and in some cases the code) for every SyslogHandler across all of our projects, plus every single library we use. Google around For "SysLogHandler /dev/log socktype" and then compare with "SysLogHandler /dev/log". You won't find many hits where people set socktype, because people knew that SyslogHandler just Did The Right Thing when presented with an AF_UNIX. That has been the behavior since the logging module was introduced in 2.3.

I'm just asking that you preserve the default behavior that has existed since python 2.3- that was the purpose of my patch. I'm not tied to how I implemented it (I mean, it is kind of ugly) but I believe preserving the behavior is important, and I also believe that it will break less code than what is currently there (because, after all, socktype was only introduced in 2.7, the SysLogHandler doesn't care if it's None, and subclasses couldn't have relied on it in the AF_UNIX case because the original fallback didn't update it)
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