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Date 2013-04-14.05:18:46
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> Zachary, I suppose Modules/_operator.c is a rename of Modules/operator.c.
> Could you generate your patch using "hg diff --git" so that history isn't lost here?

Of course; I thought I already had, but apparently I messed that up a bit. v11 is in the proper format.  In it, you can actually see what was changed in Modules/operator.c, which is the necessary s/operator/_operator/ changes, and a few extra commas removed from a couple of docstrings (to match the docstrings in the new Python versions).

> See also

Thank you for that link! I had read through this some time ago, but either missed the part about the diff section, or it just didn't sink in or something.  That is now added to my hg config file :)
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