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Date 2013-04-09.15:49:11
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I agree that discussion is a good idea. 

Personally, though, I don't want to make the user hit ^F once to set the key and use ^G to find it again. It works well and, for a more advanced user, is great, but it adds to what a user must learn to get up and running in Python and doesn't conform to general conventions. I started using Python 6 months ago, and it took me a while to realize how 'find' worked in IDLE.

For a beginner's IDE, I'd really like to see all of the features accessible through the GUI, and have those features conform to currently accepted standards.

I'm certainly not saying there isn't a better way to do this. I'd love to have a conversation on what that might be. 

NOTE: This patch makes 'find' function's functionality consistent with the 'find' function in the 'Replace' menu. If we find a better way to implement the find function, we should extend that functionality to the 'Replace' menu.
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