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Date 2013-04-07.17:18:28
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> So I'm not sure what you want to do. I would suggest a standard
> Ascii85 encoder is definitely useful, and provides feature parity with
> Ruby. If we want the standard library to be able to read/write
> Mercurial/Git base64 encoded files, then I guess that can be added
> too. If we think RFC1924 is useful/used, then the implementation in
> the netaddr lib looks right.

Agreed for both the Ascii85 encoder and the hg/git brand of base85
(which is used for "binary diffs", by the way). I don't think supporting
RFC1924 is useful, though.

(I think using "ascii85" and "base85" for those encodings, respectively,
provides a nice way to distinguish them)
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