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Date 2013-04-07.15:29:50
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The Mercurial authors have given their informal agreement for a relicensing. OTOH, they must still sign a contributor's agreement. The relicensing would allow us to use their pure Python implementation (in mercurial/pure/ OTOH, the C implementation (in mercurial/base85.c) is a ripoff of the git one, so we'd better rewrite our own.

My current plan would be the following:
- create a and rename binascii.c to _binascii.c
- add Mercurial's pure Python implementation to
- add a custom C implementation to _binascii.c
- make sure the binascii test suite tests both implementations

OTOH, if we don't get the Mercurial authors' contributor agreement, we can also re-write our own pure Python implementation.

In any case, our implementation should IMHO be compatible with Mercurial's (i.e. produce identical outputs for the same inputs).
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