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I have posted on python-ideas.

On 9 March 2013 03:14, Terry J. Reedy <> wrote:

> Terry J. Reedy added the comment:
> You did not explain why it is *impossible* for you to use any of the other
> solutions. In any case, I looked at the C code. It defines delimiter (as
> well as quotechar and escapechar) as a single unicode char. This is
> different from Python which does not have a char type but uses strings
> (arrays) of length one as a substitute. Redefining delimiter as an array of
> unicode chars, as you propose, would complicate the code. It will take a
> much stronger case than one person's 'It would be nice' to motivate someone
> with the needed C skills to do the revision. It would as least slightly
> slow down all single char uses. It would be easier and more useful, in some
> ways, to write a Python csv version.
> You might look elsewhere for an enhanced csv reader that handles
> multi-char delimiters. Searching just pypi for 'csv' returns perhaps 50
> hits. If you really want to pursue this for the stdlib, follow my
> suggestion of posting to python-ideas and reference this issue.
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