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Date 2013-03-05.09:31:08
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Karl - thanks for your telnet debugging session output. Helped realized the problem better. So I had been thinking that sending message is okay. But had not realized that same variable name was used and was causing problem.

I have gone ahead with the fix for now. And for the tests, I think, will be written very similar to test_header_buffering_of_send_error of test_header_bufferring_of_send_error - when send_error is sent and then error asserted.

(Usually, I try to change test and patch together and that's our protocol too. In this case, I only tested it manually, thinking that there is not test coverage for this portion (yet). But later when I peeked into tests, I saw that it would be written for this scenario). Will include and then close this report. The other suggestion of Paul can be included in another report and so the change of the error status to proper 501 Not Implemented.

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