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I prefer a little different (simpler for me) form:

                for (p = collstart; p < collend;) {
                    Py_UCS4 ch = *p++;
                    if ((0xD800 <= ch && ch <= 0xDBFF) &&
                        (p < collend) &&
                        (0xDC00 <= *p && *p <= 0xDFFF)) {
                        ch = ((((ch & 0x03FF) << 10) |
                               ((Py_UCS4)*p++ & 0x03FF)) + 0x10000);
                    str += sprintf(str, "&#%d;", (int)ch);

And please look at the loop above ("determine replacement size"). It should be corrected too. It will be simpler to use a buffer with static size (``char buffer[2+29+1+1];``) as in charmap encoder. Perhaps charmap encoder should be fixed too (and common code extracted to separate function).

I doubt about '\ud83d\udc9d' on wide build. Is it right to encode it as b'&#128157;' and not as b'&#55357;&#56477;'? This will be compatible with narrow build but will break compatibility with 3.3+. What is less evil?
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