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Date 2013-03-03.11:10:32
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One of my user told me that she couldn't login to my website yesterday. I logged her cookie, and found it began with ',BRIDGE_R=;' which was a malformed cookie.
Tornado uses Cookie.SimpleCookie.load() to parse her cookie, and returns an empty dict when catching an exception such as CookieError.

In that case, Tornado has to treat her as a new user since it believes she didn't provide any cookies.
Even after Tornado tried to set cookie (like user_id) for her, it still couldn't parse her cookie the next time.

I checked Issue2193 and found the patch provided by spookylukey could fix the bug, but it was rejected.
Why not add a default parameter like strict=True, and let users to decide whether to ignore invalid keys or to raise an error?

I believe SimpleCookie is useless for handling malformed cookies right now.
If it's still not acceptable, should I implement my own Cookie class for Tornado like Django did (
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