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Author Albert.Zeyer
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Date 2013-02-26.12:53:27
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Btw., where we are at this issue - I have seen many more loops over the threads (via PyThreadState_Next). I have a bad feeling that many of these loops have similar issues.

In this case, I am also not sure anymore that it really was a problem. I originally thought that in this loop, it would delete the local-dicts (which contained my Test-object/sqlite connection object). But it does not, it only deallocates a string and the dummy object there. The local-dicts were already been freed at Py_CLEAR(dummies).

I still tried to reproduce the crash in the testcase even when the interpreter is not shutting down (like it looks in my musicplayer app) but no success. I also wasn't able yet to get more debugging info about the musicplayer app crash.

Note that in the musicplayer app, I have the same workaround now as demonstrated in the testcase and there aren't any crashes anymore (so far - they were seldom anyway).
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