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Okay, I have finally addressed all the comments so far.  Changes described below are my patch #2.  They're also checked in to .

* Antoine, Nick, et al: I've converted clinic.txt into a PEP.  I've
  already sent it to the PEP maintainer dudes.

* Chris Jerdonek: I've taken a stab at clearing up "parameter" versus
  "argument".  Please give it a fresh once-over (and let me know if
  I miscounted the angels dancing on the head of that pin :-p ).

* Bradley Froehle: I've added an experimental(!) extension mechanism,
  exactly for path_t arguments.  Please see Modules/posixmodule.c
  to see what it looks like.  (I knew I'd have a use for the [python]
  sections someday!)

* Antoine: I've implemented shunting the bulk of Argument Clinic's
  output into a separate file.  Please see Modules/zlibmodule.c
  and Modules/zlibmodule_clinic.c for more.

* Stefan Krah: I look forward to reading your PEP.  Hopefully I've saved
  you some work in the rationale, if referring to mine works for you.

I don't suppose we can get some decisions made and some code checked in before the PyCon sprints...?
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