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In Python, things like lowercasing-uppercasing and sorting were always problematic with regard to Turkish language. For instance, whatever the locale is, you cannot lowercase the word 'KADIN' (woman) in Turkish correctly::

    >>> "KADIN".lower()


... which is wrong. That should be 'kadın' ('kad\u0131n'). Likewise 'kitap' (book)::

    >>> "kitap".upper()


... which is wrong. That should be 'KİTAP' ('K\u0130TAP').

As for this thread, in 3.3, Python does a completely different thing::

    >>> "KİTAP".lower()

    'ki\u0307tap' #wrong

In Python 3.2, this was::

    >>> "KİTAP".lower()

    'kitap' #correct

'i' and 'i\u0307' are not the same. 

Turkish Python programmers define their own upper(), lower(), title(), swapcase() and casefold() methods and use their own sorting techniques.
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