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Date 2013-02-20.06:48:33
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I am using LWPCookieJar to store cookies. But I am having trouble.
Saving is fine, load is wrong. I use Cookie.domain_specified to judge if domain exist.

save the following to test.lwp
Set-Cookie3: name=value; path="/ddd/"; domain=""; path_spec; domain_dot; secure; expires="2030-05-09 14:25:11Z"; version=0
Set-Cookie3: name=value; path="/ddd/"; domain=""; path_spec; secure; expires="2030-05-09 14:25:11Z"; version=0

>cj = LWPCookieJar('test.lwp').load()
>for c in cj:
>    print c.domain, c.domain_specified, c.domain_initial_dot

output:       True      True  **False**   True

If understood correctly, domain_specified should equal bool(c.domain ="").

This is seen on 2.7 and 2.6.
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