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In my opinion, the Python 2.7 results are wrong.

In Python 2.7, inspect.ismethod returns True for both bound and unbound methods -- ie., is broken according to the documentation.  As a workaround, I'm using:

def is_bound_method(obj):
    return hasattr(obj, '__self__') and obj.__self__ is not None

is_bound_method also works for methods of classes implemented in C, e.g., int:

>>> a = 1
>>> is_bound_method(a.__add__)
>>> is_bound_method(int.__add__)

But is not very useful in that case because inspect.getargspec does not work for functions implemented in C.

is_bound_method works unchanged in Python 3, but as noted above, in Python 3, inspect.ismethod properly distinguishes between bound and unbound methods, so it is not necessary.
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