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Author berker.peksag
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Date 2013-02-09.01:45:11
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> There is a long line in which I will fix before
> committing.

Ops, fixed.

Also, I've found a better place for the test in Lib/test/
and moved it to the test_strptime.CacheTests.

When I applied the patch, test_bad_timezone test failed because of
this code in Lib/

    def _get_timezone():
        except AttributeError:
        # ...

time.tzset() always resets time.tzname[1], so this part of the code
in test_bad_timezone[2] didn't work.

    tzname = time.tzname[0]
    time.tzname = (tzname, tzname)

I've fixed test_bad_timezone test by mocking the new
_strptime._TimeRE_cache.locale_time._get_timezone method.

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