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I have reopened this issue because there are still cases where it does not work. I installed 8.5.13 and the IDLE patch as suggested. That fixed the particular case that I had used to demonstrate the problem (a file containing just two characters M1). However, the problem still occurs in other cases. To reproduce it, in IDLE pick File | New Window. In the new window type the characters '>>>from' (no spaces, and without the quotes). Now, before clicking anywhere else, move the cursor to the left half of the 'r'. Click once, and the insertion point incorrectly goes to the right of the 'r'. Click a second time without moving the cursor and the insertion point goes to the left side of the 'r'. Unlike the previously reported case, repeated clicking does not cause it to alternate -- only the first click is wrong. I have attached a second video (IMG_1219.MOV) that demonstrates this.
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