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Author brett.cannon
Date 2003-09-06.21:42:06
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Terry is right that the line is wrong.  You can examine the actual 
Grammar/Grammar file to see that:

varargslist: (fpdef ['=' test] ',')* ('*' NAME [',' '**' NAME] | '**' 
NAME) | fpdef ['=' test] (',' fpdef ['=' test])* [',']

As you can see the actual grammar does not even have the 
definition of a 'call' token.  Not only that, but the example in the 
docs is not entirely correct since is says that the * and ** syntax 
take an 'expression' token which in the grammar in the docs is 
basically a tuple-like syntax while the official grammar wants a 
NAME which is defined as a primitive token.

I don't know how extensive of a change is warranted.  That one 
line does need to be changed, but if *only* that line is changed 
then the text won't match the example grammar.  But since the 
example grammar does not mirror the real grammar I don't want 
to go messing with it without Fred weighing in on this.

I am going to assign to Fred to see what he has to say.
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