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> It appears that Linux's "spurious readiness notifications" are a deliberate deviation from the POSIX standard.  (They are mentioned in the BUGS section of the man page for select.)

I don't think it's a deliberate deviation, but really bugs/limitations
(I can remember at least one occurrence case where a UDP segment would
be received, which triggered a notification, but the segment was
subsequently discarded because of an invalid checksum). AFAICT kernel
developers tried to fix those spurious notifications, but some of them
were quite tricky (see e.g. for
epoll() patches, and for an
example spurious epoll() notification scenario).

That's something we have to live with (like pthread condition spurious
wakeups), select()/poll()/epoll() are mere hints that the FD is

Also, in real code you have to be prepared to catch EAGAIN regardless
of spurious notifications: when a FD is reported as read ready, it
just means that there are some data to read. Depending on the
watermark, it could mean that only one byte is available.

So if you want to receive e.g. a large amount of data and the FD is
non-blocking, you can do something like:

    buffer = []
    while True:
            data = s.recv(8096)
        except BlockingIOError:

        if data is None:
        buffer += data

Otherwise, you'd have to read() only one byte at a time, and go back
to the select()/poll() syscall.

(For write ready, you can obviously have "spurious" notifications if
you try to write more than what is available in the output socket

> Should I just apply the following patch to the default branch?

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