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Date 2013-01-06.00:59:09
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I am trying to use this module in Tulip instead of its pollster implementation, and am running into a problem.  Tulip defines separate add_reader()/add_writer() methods, which call to the pollster's register_reader()/register_writer(), respectively.  The translation of this to the selector's API is somewhat complex; I would have to keep track of whether I already have a reader or writer registered, and then decide whether to call register() or modify().  If you don't want to change the API back to separate register_*() methods for readers and writers, perhaps you can add a method that tells me, for a given fileobj, whether it is registered, and with which poll flags (SELECT_IN/OUT/both) and the user data?

Also, I need a method that gives me the number of registered FDs.
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