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Date 2013-01-03.19:53:04
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> I think you have a point. Did you know about the tulip project?
> It has a PollsterBase class and a SelectPollster(PollsterBase) so the idea is to have a Poller(and you call poll()) but select can be used underneath. Since tulip will be merged to stdlib, maybe you can work on tulip itself.

I've had a look, and indeed it has its own Pollster wrapper.
Since it can be useful outside of Tulip, it would probably make sense
to make it part of the expose API.

> Current tulip Pollers don't return (fd, event) but I have a fork that does for Poll, EPoll, KQueue and WindowsPollster

Indeed, I think it would be useful.

I'm not sure what's best, accept events masks or have distinct methods
to register read and write events.
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