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Date 2013-01-03.16:41:29
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Hi! I think this behaviour is bug. Lets concider the following code:

import inspect
class X(object):
    def a(self):pass
    def b(self):pass
    def c(self):pass

print(inspect.getmembers(X, predicate=inspect.ismethod))
print(inspect.getmembers(X, predicate=inspect.isfunction))

In python 2.7, the results are:
[('a', <unbound method X.a>), ('b', <unbound method X.b>), ('c', <unbound method X.c>)]

and in Python 3.2:
[('a', <function a at 0x1b0fd10>), ('b', <function b at 0x1b0fe20>), ('c', <function c at 0x1b160d8>)]

I think, the results from python 2.7 are correct.
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