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Date 2013-01-03.15:19:33
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> Thanks for the review, new patch attached.

You're quite welcome.  Is there anything I've missed in the process of reviewing itself?  This is the first time I've reviewed a patch here...

I did miss another nit in the prose, though; "the tests methods" in the first line isn't quite right, but I can't decide if it should be "the test's methods" (singular possessive), "the tests' methods" (plural possessive), or "test methods" (non-specific, non-possessive).  Any of the three that better gets your point across makes me happy :)

>> This should either have another newline inbetween or be reflowed. 
>> Either one paragraph or two makes sense to me, but I can't tell which 
>> way you actually meant
> I meant one and half :)
> I guess in HTML that would have been a <br> inside the <p>, but I don't 
> think it really matters if it's rendered as a single paragraph.

I see.  As is works for me if it works for you, though I might lean towards rounding it up to 2 paragraphs :)
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