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Date 2012-12-31.03:09:59
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Thanks for your report, Wolfgang. The `clean()` method is now fixed. The
`update()` situation is more complicated, however.

The mapping protocol defines that

    mapping.update({'a': 'b', 'c': 'd'})


    mapping.update(a='b', c='d')

are equivalent to

    mapping['a'] = 'b'
    mapping['c'] = 'd'

For `configparser` we decided that setting a section on a parser is
a destructive operation (e.g. it overwrites previous options). If the user
finds this undesirable, she can either use `parser['section'].update()` or
`parser.read_dict()` like you suggested.

The bug here is that __setitem__ for the DEFAULTSECT should also clear options
previously set on this section.
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